Hi, my name is Luca and I’m a photographer based in Munich, Germany. A few years ago my girlfriend gave me as a birthday present my first camera. From the moment I took my first picture, I was addicted. First I thought I would just use it to document some of our travels but soon I realized how magical an imagery could be for me and others. I feel pretty awkward to describe my self but I will give it a try.

My girlfriend and I live in Munich in the Olympic Village in a Bungalow with our son and our dog. We pretty much do everything together and so you will see her and my little son often pictured in my photographies - I just love them. Besides them, I focused my work in the past two years on wedding and portrait photography - maybe because family means everything to me and working together with others it's just the most beautiful thing. I am taken by the idea to give people the opportunity to freeze a moment of their life so they can relieve it over and over again. In this regard, it’s extremely important to me to picture them exactly the way they are and in their honest feelings, that’s why you never will hear me say “cheese”.

I try to catch the authenticity without manipulating the very special moments of the people I photograph. I hope I provided you some insight into my work and how I practice it. I just want you to feel comfortable, so please ask me everything you further want to know.